Cultural Heritage

  • The First Storey Building in Nigeria was constructed in Badagry town in 1845 by Rev. C.A. Gollmer of the Church Missionary Society. The English bible was translated into the Yoruba language by a free slave boy for Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther in 1846.

  • The Slave Port was used from 15th to 18th Century. It is the port where the first African slaves were taken across the lagoon to the slave route and to unknown destinations. 

  • Site of the Agia Tree Monument is where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria by Thomas Birch Freeman and Henry Townsend. They arrived to Badagry town on 24th September 1842.
Ago-Ajo and Moba are located in the Badagry area (Badagry and Ojo Local Governments).

Badagry town was founded in the early 15th century on a lagoon of the Gulf of Guinea. Its protected harbour led to the town becoming a key port in the export of slaves. In the early 1500's, slaves were transported from West Africa to America through Badagry. It is reported that Badagry exported no fewer than 550,000 African slaves to America during the period of the American Independence in l787. In addition, slaves were transported to Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The slaves came mainly from West Africa and the neighbouring countries of Benin and Togo as well as others parts of Nigeria. The slave trade became the major source of income for the Europeans in Badagry. From the 1840s, following the suppression of the slave trade, Badagry declined significantly, but became a major site of Christian mission work. In 1863, the town was annexed by the United Kingdom and incorporated into the Lagos colony. In 1901, it became a part of Nigeria. 

The town is keen to enlighten the world through its historic sites, landscapes, cultural artefacts and relics of human slavery. Badagry would like to share this world heritage site with others. The villagers are preserving buildings, sites and memories of this iniquitous period so tourists can unearth the dark impact of this era. Places of interest include the Palace of the Akran of Badagry and its small ethnographic museum, the early missionaries cemetery, the District Officer's Office and Residence, the First Storey Building in Nigeria constructed by the Anglican missionaries, relics of slave chains in the small museum of slave trade, cannons of war, the Vlekte slave Market, and the Slave Port established for the shipment of slaves before the l6th century.


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