The People

Sunday, Fisherman

Sunday lives at Moba Sea Beach. His day starts at 3am. In order for him to provide better living conditions for his wife and children he needs a stronger engine to be able to fish further out in the sea. We hope to help him through our microfinancing programme. 

Comfort, Trader

Comfort lives at Moba Sea Beach. She needs to mechanise the drying process of shrimp in order for her business enterprise to be more profitable and improve her livelihood. We hope we can help her to find a drying machine for shrimp and finance it through microfinancing. 

Mariamo, Weaver

Mariamo was born in Moba. She lives at Moba Lagoon and is the 6th generation of traders in commodities in her family. Her day starts at 5am with household chores followed by work from 7am on. We hope to help her develop her small weaving business enterprise through microfinancing.  

Segun, Tailor

Segun is one of the few young people who still lives in the village and has not migrated to Lagos full-time. We hope to provide him with vocational training and create a job for him to stay and settle in Moba.


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