“My vision is to leverage the achievements of my father and establish an eco friendly resort, Sail Harbour Resort Community, which will create a safe and clean environment. I believe it will encourage sustainable tourism in the State of Lagos but at the same time keep and promote the rich cultural heritage of the area. Only when the communities surrounding the resort are sustainable in terms of infrastructure, employment, education, and healthcare the vision of Sail Harbor Resort Community will be achieved. 

Our implementation and interventions will be guided by global sustainable tourism criteria. The criteria are part of the response of the tourism community to the global challenges of the United Nation’s millennium development goals. All our intervention programmes will have minimal impact on the environment while they will maximise the use of local material. The resort will be the anchor to sustain the communities around by creating a number of opportunities for them: 100% employment, vocational training and consequently empowering hard working women in the area. 

We will be able to provide microfinancing to exciting business enterprises to improve them and expand them, for example deep sea fishing, matt weaving and small scale food processing.  It will enhance all livelihoods in the area. 

We have already started the development of an integrated farm to produce vegetables, cassava, beans, ground nuts and our latest project, our fish farm. The resort will play an important role in the future expansion plans of the farm by being the primary market for its produce.”

Olu Adewunmi, Chairman, Sail Harbour Resort Community and Sail Harbour Foundation


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