Adopt a School Programme

supporting the primary and basic education within Moba's communities and its neighbouring villages

The education project aims to improve access, quality and achievement of the primary educational cycle, equitable for girls and boys and to enhance basic literacy in the community. The project strives to lay the foundations of the irreversible capability for writing and reading in Mobas’ villages, in order to ensure long-term permanent literacy and allow improvements to quality of life and opportunities for further education and development. Since 1991, no budget allocation has been provided, resulting in a rundown school building, without supplies and materials. Library, books, learning and resources manuals have never been available in the area. Due to difficult means of transport for teachers, who live in the mainland, they are often absent. Lack of toilets and potable water leaves children in a dirty and unsafe environment. The educational assessment needs reveal that children are not fully and in equity enrolled in school due to lack of access, household duties and child labour involved in farming and fishing. Lack of trained teachers inhibits good quality of education and the capacity management of the already formed “Parents Teachers Association” has been assessed as poor and inefficient. It notes that the majority of the population is illiterate, with an illiteracy rate of 59% for women and 51% for men respectively. This project will take a cooperative and efficient approach to providing an adequately functioning primary school and adult literacy courses. The aim is to create a healthy and conducive learning environment, in the target communities by sensitising and incorporating all the communities and their chief the Baale, mobilising and training the school community, empowering and training the Parents Teacher Association (PTA). Underlying issues will be delivered in terms of hygiene practices and gender awareness.

Qualitative objectives:

To achieve the universal primary education goal of the Millennium Development Goals DG (2 and 3),
To provide an adequate functioning primary school that will foster child development by refurbishment of the school and provision of materials,
To facilitate pupils’ school access,
To ensure 100% of school attendance for boys and girls,
To create a conducive learning environment, including safe drinking water and healthy sanitation, provision of solar panel system for literacy evening courses,
To enhance status and professionalism for teachers through training and retraining,
Strengthen PTA resources for efficient school management,
To provide capacity building for the communities,
To eliminate gender disparity,
To increase teacher and student resources by provision of library facilities,
To improve teachers' conditions by construction of teachers' accommodation,
To ensure a transition rate of 90% from primary to junior secondary school,
To provide functional literacy and continuing education for adults,
To reduce adult illiteracy by 50%,
Local structures and institutions (LGA) strengthened in relation to provide quality and efficient primary education,

Quantitive objectives:

Renovation of the existing school infrastructure for 140 pupils,
Building 7 teachers’ accommodation rooms,
Building a library,
Reinforcing sand path for Moba’s lagoon beach community,
8 community builders, selected in the community, trained in construction work,
Formation of the PTA (7 teachers, 7 parents),
School community mobilization on universal primary education, gender awareness (importance of school enrolment for girls, advantages of later marriage for girls)
Provision of 15 single sex latrines and 1 borehole,
Provision of sanitary supplies for pump repair and maintenance works,
Training and equipping 2 PTA based water technicians, in charge of water and sanitation management,
PTA, School community based trained in environmental sanitation and hygiene education,
Refurbishment of classrooms,
Library supplies and classroom materials,
Provision of instructional and learning materials to increase quality of teaching,
School electricity installation to ensure evening literacy courses,
Training and equipping 2 PTA technicians on solar panel maintenance,
7 teachers trained in capacity building in teaching methodology and pedagogy,
Continuous Skills empowerment training for 7 teachers (4 times a year),
Community mobilization and sensitization on the importance in literacy and to participate in literacy program.

We are proud to announce our partnership with MTN Foundation, Netcom Africa and Alibert Products Nigeria and Metamorphosis. We would like to say thank you to Dangote Group for their kind and generous donation of cement for the new school construction.


Funding: £60,000





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