School feeding programme
for LA Moba primary school

There is no more important task than ensuring that children are sufficiently nourished and educated to become self-sufficient, contributing citizens in their communities. The global community shares a responsibility to end childhood hunger by providing all children access to adequate nutrition, health and educational opportunities. L.A. Primary School Moba Sea Beach has approximately 140 children. Poor nutrition and health among school children contributes to the inefficiency of the education system. Hungry children perform less well and likely to repeat grades. Drop-out rates are high. Short term hunger (children without breakfast or lunch) is high and poverty (fishing season or a busy market day) forces parents to keep children at home to help but one hot meal a day at school will motivate parents to send children to school.

School Feeding Programme’s Objectives:

Provide students with one hot, nutritious meal per school day, using locally-grown crops and supplies and supplies of pasta, noodles and other products
Increase of school enrolment (20-25%)
Increase of school attendance and retention (90-95%)
Increase enrolment of girls, thus producing better educated mothers who can play more active roles in their societies. This in return produces better educated children
Reduce short term hunger
Reduce malnutrition in students
Achieve higher attention span and concentration of all students, resulting in healthier, better educated children and adults
Boosting the local economy, strengthening links between school feeding, agriculture and development

Funding: £15,000




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