Empowering women: arts and
crafts entrepreneurships

We are partnering with Chief (Mrs) Nike Davies-Okundaye. A trip to Lagos is incomplete without a visit to Nike Davies Okundaye‘s Nike Art Gallery in Lekki, Lagos. “Mama Nike” as she is called by many has a truly remarkable and inspiring story. The veteran textile designer “pioneered the global revival of Nigeria’s ancestral dark blue cloth-dyeing art – Adire” This past weekend, CNN International’s African Voices featured an extensive interview with Mama Nike. Nike will provide batik workshops for our women and will help us to set up a new batik business enterprise once our women are fully trained. Nigeria doesn’t have to look too far to find the icon for the economic empowerment for women. It’s Nike’s strength and we are proud of having her on our team.

We are also in discussions with JJ Arts and Crafts of Africa to provide jewellery making workshop for a group of women from Moba.

Funding: £25,000





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