Primary Healthcare Sponsorship Programme

Until the first PHC is built at Taffi ward and fully functioning Sail Harbour Foundation team together with the kind help of doctors’ volunteers will continue medical outreach missions to deal with the temporary lack of access to primary healthcare for children and adults. We will aim to see each child 5 times a year and support those that need referrals or further treatments. Currently we have a list of 12 children who need further medical attention or tests. To be able to provide a child with access to our medical outreach (respectively to support our medical outreach) 5 times a year costs £40.

Some of the currently sponsored children:


Zainab – young adult
About 9 years ago, roughly around the time of her guardian’s death, this sweet smiling and easily lovable 20 year old started showing signs of unexplained nature that some within the communities attribute to the supernatural. Today, despite appearing capable of understanding basic instructions, the general opinion is that this Moba Village indigene is afflicted by some psychological disability. Her poor partially deaf and widowed mother, who barely makes enough income to provide for the both of them, neglects and refuses to look after her leaving her to the mercy of sympathetic neighbours who see to her basic needs like feeding, clothing and hygiene. Zainab can sometimes be somewhat of a social outcast and needs a placement at a psychiatric institution.

Ganiyat – baby
Ganiyat is 9 months old but looks and weighs a like a 4 month old because she is under nourished. Before our 5 days 1000 Children medical outreach programme, her skin was covered with severe eczema and rashes from a skin disease. She is currently undergoing treatment.

Esieh – child
Esieh is 3 and half years old. When the Sail Harbour Foundation medical outreach team came across him, he had a deep cut on his finger. Despite the medical attention sort by his parent, it was discovered that his medications were being improperly administered and he nearly lost his finger. From the consultation by our volunteer doctor, it was brought to our attention that Esieh must have suffered from cerebra spinal meningitis leading to him losing the ability to hear and talk. This could have been prevented with a simple vaccination.

Kobler - child
Kobler is a 7 years old boy. Like most children in the area, he is malnourished and his skin is covered with rashes. He was diagnoses with toe infections and has started receiving treatment. Like most of the children in the area he has suffered from malaria on a number of occasions and like most of children of his age he needs deworming.

Remember, Saturday and Alade – children (11, 9 , 11)
All 3 are undergoing blood tests for sickle cell to ensure we provide accurate medical care for all of them and find a clinic they can go to when they have sickle crisis.



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