Women for Women Global Sponsorship Programme

We hope to start our new Women for Women Global Sponsorship Programme along our financial literacy training and capacity building for women through our batik, jewellery and soap making workshops.

Your individual mentoring support through cards or letters will help our women to stay focused and help themselves. Your individual financial support will help our women to set up small businesses or expand on their current small business enterprises.

Most women will go through 3 – 6 months training program. Currently they live a life of limited opportunities. They are isolated and alone. Through our programmes they will be able to find their strength and control over their family’s future. We aim for all women in our communities to be able to have a job or run a small business such as selling tomatoes, farming cassava, making batik, jewellery or soap. We aim for our women to be able to afford to buy clothing and health insurance for themselves and their children.


Most importantly, thanks to training and support from us and you there is a hope for a much brighter future for them and their children. And isn’t that what every mother wants for her family?

One of our first keen programme candidates:

Comfort Kamvo
Comfort is only 16 years old and unwed mother living with the family of the father child. This Primary 3 drop-out is unemployed and currently not engaged in any income earning activity. With the upcoming jewellery enterprise/programme, this shy soft spoken young woman hopes to learn a vocational skill, earn a living from it and be able to improve her life and the future of her young child. Apart from learning how to make jewellery, she would also like to train as hairdresser

Abosede Sulaimon
Bose, as she is popularly referred to, is eager to be part of our women empowerment programme. And unlike many of the other young women in the village, Bose is fortunate to have parents who understand the importance of education and that are doing all they can, despite financial constraints, to ensure that she has a better future than they had. She is very keen to join our programme and gain new skills.

Ramota Ramon
Ramota is 24 years old and an aspiring tailor. She doesn’t have e a secondary school education. This indigene of Moba Sea Beach is a single parent who still lives at home with her mother and other siblings.
She hasn’t been able to work since she became pregnant. Her only source of income comes from helping her mother with her coconut sell. She cannot wait for the empowerment programmes to commence and is willing to join any Adult Education Programme that she could benefit from.
She wants a better life for her and her child.

Please join our programme and donate £100 to a woman in our communities to be able to gain various skills and set up a small business. This will improve her life as well as life of her children.



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